My Bike Tour Of Europe

Angers to Saumur – Sept. 10

I was anxious to move on from my difficulties in Angers and the pendulum to the complete opposite extreme.

The weather was perfect and the ride out of Angers was picturesque knowing I was on the right path.


I stopped for a cafe (espresso) just before I joined back up with the Eurovelo 6 and.the sun shining so I got to test my Goal Zero solar charging system. By the way, it works fantastically.


The ride to Saumur included a single track path next to the Loire that made for some awesome views.


Saumur is a great “Rick Steve’s” town. Very approachable size with enough people to be busy but not too crowded and it has a nice castle. I did my first castle tour in Saumur.


After the castle I set up for a nice picnic at the campsite.


Day 6 – $33- Sept. 10
$1.20 cafe
$9.80 camping
$7 groceries – 3.22 Languedoc 2009 – haribo candy – speculoos – Cheese – baguette
$6 essentials – deodorant – wine opener
$9 Castle Saumur

The total spent to-date is $148.45 and the average to-date is $24.74

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